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Boardwalk Empire: New York Sour

It has seemed like forever but Nucky and the gang are finally back!

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Season 4 starts off with a bang (and a slice). Richard "M'Fing" Harrow, as he is affectionately called in the Twitterverse is still on his Kill Bill ish that started at the end of last season. Now is he still going after all who were connected with Gyp Rossetti or is he on some other mission?

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After racking up a couple of bodies, Harrow ends up at the doorstep of his beloved sister Emma. 

Chalky White is finally getting a chance to open the club he has dreamt of for so long. In his quest to have the best talent grace his stage, he's gotten involved with a guy named Dickey. Dude seems kind of shiesty.
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If Dickey Pastor isn't shiesty, his wife Cora surely is. She's found a way to slip a little drawing of two people doing the horizontal mambo into Purnsley's pocket when he goes off to get her a drink. The look on Dunn's face shows that even in the 1920s guys made decisions with their little heads before their big ones.

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Like many dumb brothers who came before and who have come after, Dunn decides to take Cora Pastor up on her offer. It doesn't take too long before Dickey shows up with a gun.

Not only does Dickey plan to force Dunn to do his wife at gunpoint while he watches, he wants to call him all kinds of racial slurs in the process. Dunn is not having it and ends up killing Dickey by stabbing him repeatedly with a broken bottle. Somehow, Cora is able to run for the hills. 

Yet another situation for Chalky to clean up because this doofus can't keep his temper in check. If Chalky doesn't get him under control, it will not be good for business. 

Nucky is still dealing with some of the fallout from the mini war that occurred eight months earlier. Nucky just wants to live in peace and run his business, so he meets with the heavy hitters - including Masseria and Rothstein - to make sure that happens. Nucky is even willing to hand over a little peace offering.

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In spite of the prayers of many fans of the show and a massive amount of heroin, Gillian is still alive and kicking. I think it's safe to say that most of us reacted like this:

The child molesting junky has decided to seek custody of Tommy from Julia, who has had Tommy since the night Gillian almost OD'd. She claims that she'll be selling the house and plans to raise Tommy modestly but we all know that a heaux never changes her stripes. 

I was so proud of Julia when she proceeded to spill all of Gillian's dirt for the whole courtroom to hear.

In spite of all of the BS that Gillian was spouting in the courtroom, she has not kicked that nasty heroin habit. And how does she find the funds to support this habit? By offering up her goodies to prospective male buyers of her home. The one guy she doesn't offer herself to is Roy Philips. He says he's in town for a couple of months for Piggly Wiggly's expansion into the Northeast. When Roy mentions that he would like a companion while he's in town, Gillian jumps at the opportunity.

Eli is still handling Nucky's business when it comes to the Prohibition Enforcement Agency. Sawicki is still about his same old, same old but the new agent, Knox, seems a little too mild mannered to be involved in this line of work. He's just a bit too curious for my taste.

Eventually, Knox allows Sawicki to walk into a room rigged with a booby-trapped shot gun at one of Mickey Doyle's warehouses. As Knox is standing over Sawicki's bleeding body, he admits to being an undercover federal agent. 

Eli's eldest, Willie, has done the family proud and gone off to Temple University. Even with all the trappings that a life on campus offers, Willie is way more fascinated with his Uncle Nucky's line of work and the perks that come along with it. Nucky tells him that getting his degree is the best thing he could do for his family but will that be enough to persuade Willie from becoming the next Jimmy Darmody?

Al Capone is still moving up the ranks in Illinois and has begun to get recognition from the press. It is an election year and a local journalist has decided to expose the criminal element. Capone thinks that having his name in the paper is great...until his buddies point out that his name is spelled wrong. So, the problem isn't that all of his business was put on blast, just that his name was spelled wrong.

Al is way more interested in being a celebrity gangster than keeping his business dealings on the down-low. 

Eddie Cantor. I swear this guy is like a cockroach that will never go away. With Nucky & Chalky's new club set to open, it isn't a surprise that he would want his own act. Of course he has a young, pretty opportunist actress with him. At the opening for the Onyx Jubilee, she offers herself on a platter to Nucky and, of course, he sleeps with her. 

Rather than have a cigarette and bask in the afterglow, she tells Nucky all about how she's wanted to meet him since she heard about what he was able to do for Billie Kent's career. Stupid girl. If you are trying to play someone for a fool, it's best not to reveal your hand. 

It was only a matter of seconds before Nucky sent Kessler to send her on her way. 

All of this has to make you wonder where the heck is Margaret and Teddy's fire-starting behind?

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