Monday, April 8, 2013

Mad Men: The Doorway

Yaaaaasssss!!!!!! Don & the gang are back!

So, right out the gate someone is getting CPR and Megan is yelling like the batsh*t crazy woman that we have come to know. From the way she's hollering, you would think Don is the one getting mouth to mouth but is it him, someone else, or just a dream sequence?

Cut to Don and Megan on a beach in paradise. Don is there on business and, of course, he took Megan with him. Doesn't she have an audition that she could be at?
Why is she still on my screen? Can Don hurry up and hook up with someone else? I don't like this chick and I still haven't forgiven her for this ish...
While at the bar, Don meets a young G.I. celebrating his last hours or bachelorhood. PFC Dinkens has 6 months left in Vietnam and is marrying his girlfriend because she thinks married soldiers are less likely to die.

He eventually asks Don to play the roll of father and walk his bride down the aisle. Odd, yes, but the soldier sees his future self in Don and maybe Don sees a little of the young soldier he used to be in PFC Dinkins. Don agrees to do the honors and the soldier and his bride are married in a beautiful ceremony on the beach.
Thanks to that little encounter, Don will be thinking about death for the rest of the episode.

Over at the Francis house, Sally is still a smart ass, Henry's mom is still a pain in the ass, and Betty is still trying to get her old ass back.
Sally has a new friend and her name is Sandy. Sandy is a phenomenal violinist and has told everyone that she's going to Julliard next semester. Is it just me or does this child look like a sister wife starter kit?
Later, Betty playfully tells Henry that she saw him giving sweet eyes to Sandy while she was playing the violin and suggests that he have his way with her. Really, writers?! Really?????
It doesn't take long before we find out that Sandy has issues. She's been miserable at home since her mother's passing and she didn't get into Julliard, like she's been telling everyone. Oh, and she smokes. All she wants is to go to New York and escape her current life. Betty tries talking some sense into her but I doubt she'll listen.
Sandy ends up running away and Betty feels compelled to go looking for her. Betty's search brings her to an abandoned building in the middle of the city. Betty finds Sandy's violin and one of the squatters claims she sold it to him before leaving for California.

Peggy might be with a new firm and have new responsibilities but there are some things that haven't changed. She is still getting calls to put out fires in the middle of the night on a holiday.

It looks like Peggy is the only one in that office that knows her head from her patoot. When we finally get to see her with a client, we see just how much she has grown: The perfect mixture of Don's salesmanship and Peggy's finess. Oh, and she is punking her minions and telling them they can't go home just like Don did her back in the day.

Don & Megan come back from their trip and Jonesy the doorman collapses right in front of them. Then again, maybe he didn't because Don blinks his eyes and none of what he just saw happened.
Back at the office, everyone is jealous of Don's tan. Pete is still a little snot and Joan is still that chick. Bob Benson, a new guy that works in accounts, makes a point of introducing himself to Don.
Even though they've left Hawaii behind, Don can't forget about PFC Dinkins. Somehow, Don has ended up with his lighter and no matter what he does to get rid of it, the thing keeps popping up like a Elf on the Shelf.

Roger's mother has passed away and his secretary is more upset about it than he is. In true Roger fashion, there are fireworks at the funeral. Don pukes, Bob Benson from accounts sends a few surprise party platters, and Roger goes ham on his ex-wife's new man.
Can someone please explain to me how EVERYBODY gets put out of a funeral? Roger doesn't know how to deal with all the emotions that have come with his mother's death. He's got a lot of guilt about disappointing the women in his life. Maybe he would be able to sort through all of this a little better and not need a shrink if he had Joan by his side.
After the funeral, Roger has a conversation with his daughter. Since Nana didn't leave her any money in the will, she asks Roger to help fund her husband's new business venture: Refrigeration. This new technology will enable fresh food to be transported all over the country and may just revolutionize the world. They need to get in while the getting is good. Roger, like most father's has a soft spot for his little girl and agrees to talk with Brooks.
You would think that Roger would have shed a tear when his mother died but it's not until he learns that the man that shined his shoes has died unexpectedly, do we see him finally show some emotion.
Just in case you thought Don might be having an epiphany and is ready to change his ways, we get to watch him get it on with a woman that he's not married to....and just happens to be the wife of his new friend and neighbor Dr. Rosen.
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