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Mob Wives - You Don't Wanna Go To War With Me

Like any true New Orleanian, I believe that there is a song for everything and this week's episode of Mob Wives needs it's very own. Here's the song that was playing in my head the entire time I watched this episode. Feel free to play this in the background as you read.

This week's episode starts off with Ramona getting out of the clink. Ramona has done what she said she would never do (getting involved with a mobster), and whatever dirt he's involved in led to her getting arrested right along with him. The arrest has opened a lot of old wounds from her childhood and the feelings Ramona had when her grandfather was arrested have come to the surface again. Karen is right to encourage Ramona to move forward but none of this will end until she changes who she associates with. It's time to stop dating dudes that are a part of the 'lifestyle'.

As if I couldn't be more fascinated by Big Ang, they have to go and reveal that she owns a bar AND has a mouth like a truck driver! The bar Big Ang owned back in the day is where she came to know Drita. Apparently Drita would come in and, at some point, end up beating up everyone in it. The shiz would hit the fan all the time at Big Ang's bar but she never told any of them to cut the BS nor called the cops. Allowing that type of behavior may explain why Drita (a grown ass woman with 2 daughters looking at her to be an example) thinks this mess is funny/cute and why Big Ang has to bail her 22 year old son out of jail on a weekly basis. To add to the audacity of the whole situation, Big Ang gets a phone call that her son has been in a car accident. Big Ang says how disgusted she is and how all of his shenanigans need to stop but I'm not sold. I know if I had just totalled a car and was constantly in trouble with the law, my mom would be the furthest thing from calm about it.

Renee and Karen have decided to meet up for drinks and the conversation turns to Carla. Karen is happy that Renee and Carla have worked out their issues but she's still not feeling her. Karen feels that Carla sided with Drita and has a problem with her never asking Karen's side of the story. Karen feels like Carla is supporting Drita in the lies that she's allegedly telling people about Karen and Karen is ready to beat her down behind it. It's good that Renee is there to suggest they go to dinner and try to work things out.
Junior really must have convinced Renee that he's changed his evil, hoe-ish ways, because she is letting homeboy move back in the crib.

Renee's got her happy family back together under one roof, at least until Junior gets sentenced. Hopefully Renee won't have to put him out again.

We finally get to find out what the hell lead to Ramona and her Boo getting arrested. Surprise, surprise! It's drugs! The DEA ain't nothing to play with and homeboy must be deep in it because the arrest is all over the papers. This dude is into all kinds of shadiness and Ramona has him around her kids enough for their relationship to be considered 'close'. Really, dude?
We get to see the infamous Derek Tobacco (did we ever find out if that's this fool's government name?) when Drita and Carla meet him for drinks. Drita is still bothered by the fight between her and Karen and wants to know if Karen took a swing at her while she was being held back by Derek. When Drita asks Derek about it he pleads the 5th. Smart man! Considering he almost got his ass handed to him by Junior and the crew and ended up hiding out in the security van, it's best to stay as far away from this mess as possible.
It doesn't matter what Derek had said about the situation because Drita is convinced that Karen gave her the punch that resulted in the black eye while she was being held back. Since Drita is now labeling Karen as a punk, I'm guessing she wants a rematch.

Back at Renee's, we find out that A.J. is acting like a juvenile delinquent. He got pissed about something and took it upon himself to kick in Renee's bedroom door. Like any parent who has been doing it by themselves for any amount of time, Renee is tired of it and tells Junior it's time for him to straighten his son out. Junior thinks the underlying issue with A.J. is a girl who is sending him through changes. Renee is right when she says that he doesn't need to be with someone who pushes his buttons to the point where he is throwing lamps and kicking in doors.  Personally, I think A.J.'s acting out has more to do with the ups and downs he's watching his dad put his mom through, not to mention the fact that his father is facing serious jail time & has had his name & likeness plastered all over the news. That's a lot to deal with as an adult. I couldn't imagine what it's like trying to process something that heavy as a 17 year old kid. Regardless, there is no excuse for this type of behavior. They need to nip this in the bud before A.J. ends up in a cell with his father on one side and his grandfather on the other.

We get to meet Big Ang'scident unharmed but I was really hoping we would get to see Big Ang have a come to Jesus meeting with her son. Based off what we have been told about this kid & the trouble he's been in, he's been coddled enough. Instead, the conversation quickly turns to Big Ang's new boo thang. The new mister has just done 28 years on a murder charge but, according to A.J., that doesn't make him a bad person. Besides, he's about to buy Big Ang a cute little puppy so how bad could be be?
Just in case you thought I was joking when I implied that A.J. is a spoiled, entitled brat, here's more proof: When Big Ang asks her precious son what he's going to do about a job he tells her nothing, for right now.
Had I EVER uttered some foolishness like that to either of my parents, this would have happened next:
If Big Ang doesn't want her son involved in the street life, she needs to stop babying him and make him take some responsibility for once in his life.

We find Carla attending a fashion show and she's doing the exact thing that Karen has been accusing her of: talking smack about her and Ramona behind their backs. I do agree with Carla when she says that Ramona has gotten involved in situations involving Karen that don't concern her but if Carla has such a problem with her, why is she running her mouth about it to some chick that is neither Karen nor Ramona?
Karen and Ramona head over to Renee's place for dinner and we get to see all of their rug rats. Renee's nerves are still on edge from the run in with A.J. and she fills the girls in on it. As I suspected, A.J. is having a hard time with his parents getting back together and I'm betting it has something to do with watching how it effects his mother when his father breaks her heart time and time again. A.J. might be onto something because Renee informs the ladies that some girl has been texting Junior. This, along with everything else that comes along with a man sharing her space (leaving the TV on when he's in another room, not cleaning up after himself, just being a stinky, nasty, typical boy) is starting to grate on Renee's nerves and she's having second thoughts. Ramona lets her know she needs to just chill out, see how things go, and if they don't work out, at least she tried. Any of us who have lived with a husband or boyfriend can relate but Renee was on a whole other level with it. Makes you wonder if she was overreacting or if it was something else.
Meanwhile, Carla updates Drita on her pow wow with Renee. Even though Renee wants everyone to get along, Carla isn't feeling Ramona at all. It's funny because Drita and Carla say that they are hearing all over Staten Island that Ramona is talking smack about them. This is the SAME thing Karen has been saying the two of them were doing to her. Seriously, when are these supposedly grown women going to stop talking to everyone else but who they have the problem with?
Finally, someone man's up and decides to confront the person she's got a problem with. Karen invites Carla out for drinks to discuss her issues with her. Karen has had a problem with Carla since the first fight with Drita on the rooftop, when she perceived Carla's reaction as siding with Drita. That, coupled with Carla's not going to see Renee after her surgery and everything people are telling her Carla is saying behind her back has Karen labeling her an enemy. It seems like people are telling the same lies to both sides, but switching up the names of who said what.
Karen's upset and it's understandable but the more she talks the more evident it becomes that her anger should be directed toward Drita and Drita alone. She goes on and on about Drita and, like Carla says, don't tell her. All of this needs to be said to Drita. I like Karen and all but she definitely overreacted in this instance. Things escalate to the point where she challenges Carla to fight her right there in the middle of the restaurant. Karen is dead ass wrong in this instance but she's got an axe to grind and she is not thinking straight at all. My advice to Carla would be
I have to give Carla credit for getting up and trying to walk away. Most people would have gotten right back in Karen's face and it would have been an all out brawl. Finally something clicks in Karen's head and she realizes she is projecting all her anger on Carla instead of hashing it out with Drita once and for all.

Next week's episode looks interesting. If the previews are any indication, Ramona's gonna end up on everyone's shit list but Karen's. Juicy!

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