Thursday, January 19, 2012

Mob Wives - Make-Ups & Break-Ups

It's a brand new episode and it seems we are still dealing with the fallout from the fight heard 'round Staten Island. Big Ang is still sticking her nose where it doesn't belong or trying to be Staten Island's personal version of the UN, depending on how you want to look at it. This time she is meeting with Drita for lunch. Not only is she trying to help resolve the situation between Drita and Karen but now she's plotting a way to get Carla and Renee in the same room together. I agree with her statement that this is all a bunch of BS but sometimes you have to know when to leave well enough alone.
Ramona feels bad that Renee's party got ruined so she pays her a visit to apologize. Renee understands where Ramona's coming from with not letting someone mess over her family but you have to draw the line at some point. Like she says, they are ladies. They cross their legs when they sit so they shouldn't be throwing punches.

All of this talk gets Renee thinking about her issues with Carla and she realizes that all of the dumb stuff needs to be settled once and for all.

Carla and Drita get together for drinks and of course the conversation is all about the beef between Carla and Renee. Renee hasn't spoken with Carla in months due to her not believing that Carla's ex touched her inappropriately (this all went down last season). Carla's favorite game must be Pass the Buck because she has yet to take any kind of responsibility for the situation. She throws it all on Renee and says she's the one with the problem so she's the one that should step to her. Really, dude? Renee has been your friend for YEARS yet you take a guy's (who you dated for a hot minute) word over hers? Even if you don't believe her, the least you could do is acknowledge her feelings. I'm sure she would want the same courtesy extended to her if the shoe were on the other foot.

In spite of everyone beefing there is no way they are going to miss Big Ang's get together. Y'all know we all love us some Big Ang!

Renee decides the best way for her to express her feelings to Carla is by writing her a letter. Like a girl with true penitentiary tendencies, Renee sits down with a pack of Newports and a black and white composition notebook to get the job done. Renee is cool until her friend Nikole calls and puts things into perspective for her. She asks a damn good question: Why is Renee reaching out to Carla when it should be the other way around? After all, Renee wasn't the one who did anything to Carla nor is she the reason why there is an issue in the first place. The conversation with Nikole gets Renee fired up again so Carla may have to forget about receiving that letter.
Back at Big Ang's, she and Linda are eating sausages and talking about all the 'sausages' they've done in the past. The lovely Big Ang has dated plenty of wise guys and she makes a point of letting us know exactly what she got out of the relationship. Take note, Basketball Hoes: while y'all are busy dropping it like it's hot for handbags and shoes, Big Ang was smart enough to hustle her way into houses, cars, and a nice little nest egg. Big Ang doesn't look like she wants for anything and, unlike some folks we've seen on TV, she's not a 40 year old still sharing an apartment with a roommate. Step your game up, ladies!
Guess what else we find out? Big Ang has had about 18,442 cosmetic procedures and she thinks she needs more, starting with a face lift. Even after all her friend Renee went through with her last procedure, including flat lining? Really? And to top it all off, Linda suggests going to the Ukraine since the surgery would be cheaper.
Drita has finally decided to divorce Lee and she's going to sell the house. During the walk through with the realtor, Drita points out a room that no one is allowed to go into because Lee doesn't want anyone in there. She says she hasn't been in there in years. So, you mean to tell me ol' dude has been locked up for years yet he is dictating which rooms you can and cannot enter in your own house?
Drita has avoided telling her oldest daughter about the divorce up until now. As a way of easing her into it, Drita tells Aaliyah that she's thinking of selling the house. As expected, the poor kid is confused. No kid can imagine another family living in the one place that he/she has called home. It will be interesting to see how Drita handles telling her about the divorce.

Ramona and Karen are out trolling for men in the club and we get to find out a little bit more about Ramona. We learn that she married an Arab man because she didn't want to end up with a guy involved with the mob. When he decided to start having dealings with the mob, Ramona ended the marriage. She's dating again and loving it.

Big Ang's girls' night has finally arrived and all the ladies are present. Renee wastes no time & gets right to drilling Carla. The ladies hash it out and they come to an agreement. Finally, these two are back to being friends. THIS is how adults should handle things. Thankfully, it took them months to get to this point. Otherwise, we would have had nothing to watch.

Operation Divorce is in full effect and Drita is looking to cash in some of her assets. Lee must have been a major screw up because Drita has plenty of nice jewelry, including an engagement ring appraised at over $106K.
 The jeweler let's Drita know that selling the ring to a private buyer will get her 10% more per carat. Here it is, Drita was thinking Lee left her with nothing. Now she'll be able to provide for her girls without stressing out so much.
Looks like Junior is trying to step his game up and show he's changed his ways. He's decided to take Nay Nay out to dinner just to spend some time with her. Even though they have known each other since they were teenagers, it's as though Renee and Junior are getting to know each other all over again. They both have different views on what caused their marriage not to work the first time around. Junior thinks it's because Renee wanted someone she could control and he's not that type of guy. Renee says it's because Junior was a man whore before, during, and after they were married. Junior does man up and admit that he made mistakes and apologizes to Renee for hurting her. Renee's been waiting on him to do this for 22 years and it brings tears to her eyes. I hope this guy keeps his word and doesn't break her heart again.
Renee is worried about Ramona, who has been MIA for an unusual amount of time. When she finally calls Renee, she lets her know that she and her boyfriend were arrested. I don't know about y'all but I want to know what this boyfriend is into. Dude must be into some heavy stuff.

Carla and Renee are trying to work on healing their friendship. In spite of Nikole's urges, Renee did finish that letter to Carla and she reads it to her in private. They are finally able to talk about how each of them felt and truly hash things out. Renee doesn't understand why Drita and Karen can't talk things out without throwing punches like they did.  Carla points out that things escalated when Ramona got involved. Could it be that Ramona is helping keep the feud between Karen and Drita going?

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