Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Game: Skeletons - The Truth Pact

The new season of The Game picked up right where it left off. The fertility doctor let the cat out of the bag that Girl Melanie had an abortion once upon a time. Derwin is pissed as all piss-tivity and wondering who's baby Melanie decided to get rid of.

As luck would have it, Melanie goes outside to take a breather and who does she run into? None other than the other possible baby-daddy aka Dr. McHotty. Of course Derwin walks up on this encounter and they get into a verbal pissing match.
Jason has himself a new "smash buddy" and I think I am going to like her. Gloria is spunky. We immediately get to see her calling Jason out on his issues with women, especially African-American ones. Refreshing to see someone who he's involved with stand up to the ego that is Jason Pitts. Jason is not trying to be serious about this one. He's wanting to keep it on a strictly 'smash' basis. Gloria says she understands but I have a feeling someones feelings are involved and this might turn out bad for Jason. Is it just me or does home girl seem like she could catch Fatal Attraction-itis somewhere down the road?
 The man with the greatest television name ever, Malik El Debarge Wright, is still playing Captain Save a Hooch. Jenna, the model he met while in rehab, has fallen off the wagon. He whisks her back to his mansion to keep her relapse from being exposed publicly and you know mama Tasha Mack is not happy AT ALL. The look on Tasha's face as Malik carried Jenna up the stairs said it all. I bet she was wanting to do this to Malik:
 Back at the house, Derwin has finally had some time to cool down & apologizes to Melanie. Derwin mentions that he knows the baby was his and that he wishes he hadn't let her go through all of it alone. The whole time Melanie doesn't make a sound but you can tell from the look on her face that there is so much more to the story.
Tasha is coming to grips with the fact that she may have made a mistake when she dropped Derwin and took Malik back as a client. This is huge for Tasha because she has a lot of pride and it takes a lot for her to suck it up and admit when she's wrong. The question is will she be willing to let go of her pride long enough to admit it to someone other than herself and Tee Tee.
I swear Jason has an ego the size of the Pacific Ocean! Dude is off the charts. We've always known he's thought quite highly of himself but now he's taking it to another level. He's downright rude and we get to witness this when he meets bartender Chardonnay (Of all the names under the heavens, lawd, why???). Jason comes at her sideways, expecting her to jump through hoops for him and, as she should have, Chardonnay gives it right back to him. Unfortunately, instead of backing her up, the club manager kisses Jason's over inflated butt instead of tossing him out on his rear. I can't stand folks that condone bad behavior.
Melanie and Derwin are out shopping and they run into ANOTHER ex of hers. This time, it's Trey. Since the last time we saw Trey he has gotten married and had a kid. The wife is waaaaay to cheerleader bubbly. She's barely uttered a full sentence and I already want to punch her in the face. Being around Melanie's other ex means another pissing match from Derwin. Of course, Derwin invites Trey and his family over for DJ's birthday party. This gives him the opportunity to play the "my wife is better than your wife" game.
Meanwhile, back at the Wright mansion, Malik and Rick Ross are running around the house looking for the crackhead Jenna, who has disappeared like Casper the friendly ghost. Tasha answers the front door and we find out that Stifler's mom is Jenna's dealer and she has come to collect the money she owes her. She let's Tasha know she's packing heat but, obviously, she doesn't know who she's talking to. Tasha was looking at her like this:
Jason busts NuBrit-Brat swapping spit with a Swede (with a girl name) outside of the movies and he is obviously not OK with his little girl growing up so quickly (Neither am I. I miss the original Brittney). I'm beginning to wonder what's the bigger issue for Jason: his daughter dating or his daughter dating white guys. Brittany is quick to point out that Jason dates white women and she's just following his lead. I think Jason realizes just how much he has failed to teach Brittany when he reminds her that she is black and her rebuttal is "But I don't have to date them!" I wonder how Jason is going to handle this one.
 Jenna is still on the loose and Malik, Tee Tee, and Tasha are running through the woods trying to find her. Tasha tries talking some sense into Malik but he is not trying to hear it. Malik feels like he wouldn't have made it through rehab without Jenna so he has to be there for her, regardless of how it may effect his career. Tee Tee, of all people, is the voice of reason in all this. He has a Come-To-Jesus meeting with Tasha and shoots it to her straight: stop giving Malik the right to choose and go back to Derwin. But will she listen?
We get the joy of seeing Melanie & Derwin have a pow-wow while he's sitting on the pooper. I know a lot of people who have been together for a long time do this in real life but...
The only good thing that came out of that scene was Girl Melanie admitting that the baby was Trey's and the abortion didn't happen while she was in college. Of course Derwin throws a tantrum and can't understand why Melanie didn't let him believe the baby was his. So, you complain about her keeping secrets then, when she doesn't, you are mad because she didn't lie? I'm confused. I don't know about y'all but Derwin's emotional immaturity works my last nerve. Why is it that every time he and Melanie hit a rough spot his first instinct is to run away?
When Derwin finally carries his narrow ass back to the house he and Melanie are finally able to have an adult conversation about her decision to abort Trey's baby. Melanie asks if he would be able to accept seeing her with someone else's baby everyday the way she has to watch him with DJ. The light finally comes on in Ding Dong's head and he realizes how hard that pill would be to swallow and cuts his wife some slack. That slack doesn't extend to Trey, whom he knocks out in the driveway.

Jason finds out his antics at the bar has gotten Chardonnay fired and he actually feels a little bad about it. To make it up to her, he offers to take her out to dinner. The tight wad's quest for cheap tacos lands them in Mexico and Jason wakes up to find they got married. I don't know about y'all but I laughed my butt off! The LAST thing Jason wanted was to be hitched and he ended up with one that won't cater to him the way Kelly did. I kinda gave BET the side-eye when I heard Brandy was being added to the cast but now I'm curious to see how this story plays out. In spite of only knowing him a few days, Chardonnay reads Jason like a book, hoe-checking him on his biases. She really hits the nail on the head when she slaps Jason in the face with the fact that he has a whole lot of self hate going on and that it has manifested itself through his treatment of women of color. Me thinks I'm gonna like Chardonnay. Maybe even enough to forgive her for having such a horrid name.

Malik and the gang finally find Crackeisha Jenna passed out in the garage and Stifler's mom saves the day. In spite of Tee Tee's urges, Tasha decides she's going to stick by her decision to represent Malik. Hopefully, she won't end up regretting it. Too bad she still hasn't forgiven Melanie and chooses not to show up for DJ's party.

Overall, a great season premier episode and I am looking forward to more. I'm eager to get your thoughts. What say you, tv-aholics?

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