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Downton Abbey 3.05 : Hello & Goodbye

Lady Sybil's due date is getting closer and the poor thing has to experience Braxton-Hicks. Considering this is the first birth at Downton since Lady Sybil, it's understandable that everyone would be a little bit nervous. Dr. Clarkson assures them that everything is going as planned but Lord Grantham isn't buying it. He calls in Sir Phillip Tapsill for backup. He's still a little hesitant where Dr. Clarkson is concerned since he was the one that misdiagnosed Matthew's spinal injury and failed to catch Livinia's illness until it was too late.
Lady Sybil is stuck in bed with swollen ankles and horrible headaches but she's busy concerning herself with the unborn baby's christening. Since the plan was to give the child a Catholic baptism, Sybil and Tom wanted it done in Dublin, far far way from Lord Grantham, whom you know will not be pleased.
Honestly, Sybil doesn't care for religion, one way or the other but wants to do all that she can to make Tom happy. Lady Mary promises to have her back in the battle that is sure to come against Lord Grantham.

There is plenty of tension downstairs, as Daisy isn't feeling the new kitchen maid at all. She cuts Ivy down every chance she gets.
She really gives her hell whenever she sees her interacting with Alfred. Who really knows if she's even interested in Alfred the way he is in her. Seems to me that she likes getting attention from males in general. Mrs. Patmore is the one that has to remind Daisy that Alfred won't like her any better just because she is mean to Ivy. To be quite honest, being mean to Ivy might end up making Alfred sympathize with her and be more drawn to her.
Could Thomas be any more obvious about his attraction to James?
 He is all in poor James' kool-aid and it seems like James has no idea Thomas has eyes for the boys. O'Brien uses this to her advantage and encourages James to seek out Thomas for on-the-job advice. James wants nothing more than to do a good job so he seeks Thomas out whenever he has a question. Thomas takes this as a sign that James is into him and begins to get all touchy feely. Of course this makes James uncomfortable but he's afraid that saying something will cause him to lose his job.
Isobel gets a visit from Ethel, who doesn't know where to turn. It seems that word has gotten around town about her former occupation and no one wants to hire her.
Never one to miss an opportunity, Isobel puts on her Captain Save a Hoe cape and offers Ethel a position assisting Mrs. Byrd. Mrs. Byrd isn't receptive of this idea at all. She says she can't work along side Ethel because her good name will be tarnished.
Isobel doesn't care what any one's opinions are and calls Mrs. Byrd's bluff. She offers Mrs. Byrd a month's wages and chucks her the deuces. From the look on her face, Mrs. Byrd expected Isobel to pick her over Ethel and was not expecting to end up in the unemployment line.
I guess Mrs. Byrd was a bit butt hurt about getting the axe, so she writes to Mr. Carson to let him know that she was gone & why she left so abruptly.
Now there is finally something that ranks more scandalous in Mr. Carson's mind than Lady Sybil running off with the chauffeur! Mrs. Hughes has always had a soft spot for Ethel and thinks that she deserves a chance. She suggests that they stay quiet for now and let the situation work itself out. Carson wants to avoid Downton being involved in this mess in any way shape or form and forbids any member of his staff from setting foot in Isobel Crawley's house.
Anna is finally able to visit Bates again. She's concerned about why she hadn't been allowed to visit but Bates is more concerned about questioning Mrs. Bartlett. He's figured out that Vera put the poison in the pie and waited to eat it when Bates was already on the train back to Downton. It was all a set up!
Anna seeks out Lord Grantham for advice on how to get the proof of their discovery on paper. It's the only way to get Bates out of jail. Lord Grantham believes in Bates' innocence so much that he calls in his own attorney. The lawyer informs them that they need to get a statement from Mrs. Bartlett before she figures out what's going on.
Lady Edith's letter to the Times has been so well received that the editor has offered her a position as a weekly columnist.
Now, this is what the scene at Downton should have been when Edith got the great news but the only person that was excited for her was Matthew, as usual. Like clockwork, Lord Grantham was there to piss in Lady Edith's Cheerios and take away her joy. He tells her the only reason they are interested in her is because of her title.
No wonder the poor girl feels like she is always seen as a failure in this family! Matthew tries to get Lord Grantham to see that this new opportunity is a good thing but he won't budge. Even the Dowager makes a hurtful comment when she's told of the opportunity. Why can't they just let Edith be great!
Matthew is determined to save Downton and make it profitable again and he is aware that he has an uphill battle against Lord Grantham. He is so set in his ways and, unfortunately. those ways have translated to bad estate management. Mary is all for saving Downton but she doesn't want Matthew to rock the boat too much with her father.
Matthew's plan is to begin working the farm land again that hasn't generated an income in 20 years. He wonders just how receptive Lord Grantham will be to this idea.

Sir Phillip thinks he is the end all, be all when it comes to delivering babies and isn't keen on the idea of Dr. Clarkson tagging along while he attends to Lady Sybil. It's very much a point of contention because Richard wants Sir Phillip to handle the birth but Cora only feels comfortable with Dr. Clarkson. Sybil is their baby girl and they want what's best for her so neither will back down.

While Sir Phillip is at the house, Matthew decides to consult him about his own health. He's concerned that he may be the reason Lady Mary hasn't become pregnant yet. Sir Phillip assures him that physically, he is fine. These things take time and he just needs to stop being anxious.
While the Crawley's are hosting a dinner for Sir Phillip, Lady Sybil's labor progresses.
All isn't going smoothly, though. Dr. Clarkson thinks that Sybil is showing signs of eclampsia & toxemia but Sir Phillip thinks he's just getting everyone upset for no reason. Dr. Clarkson insists that Sybil be brought to the hospital for a c-section. As a good doctor should, he let's everyone know that he can't guarantee anything but this would give her the best chance of survival. Lord Grantham sides with Sir Phillip and then has the audacity to not want to include Tom in the decision making since he's not the one paying for the doctor.
Poor Tom is torn but Baby Girl Branson gets there too quick to transport Sybil to the hospital.
Poor Sybil has been through hell and it seems as though she knows that something is wrong. She asks her mother to support her wishes where Tom and the baby are concerned. Not long after, Sybil begins to seize and NOW that dumb ass Sir Phillip admits that it's eclampsia.
The cost of this doofus not letting go of his pride and doing what was in the best interest of the patient, Lady Sybil dies.

Every one is devastated, including the staff. The news hits Mr. Carson especially hard because he has been there with Lady Sybil since the day she was born and she's very much like a daughter to him. Cora is so heartbroken that she won't leave Sybil's side. She promises to look after Tom & the baby for her. She blames Sybil's death on Sir Phillip and Lord Grantham, so guess who gets to sleep on the couch for the foreseeable future.
Tom....there are no words. For the first time, we get to see a barely composed Dowager Countess.
Matthew is sad too but not sad enough to have a pow wow with the family lawyer when he stops by the house. Mary is understandably pissed. She feels as though Matthew is taking advantage of her father at his weakest moment. I know business needs to be taken care of but....
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