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Downton Abbey 3.03 : Destined To Be A Crazy Cat Lady?

So, it looks like Sir Anthony decided to put a ring on it and Lady Edith is finally getting married!
Lady Edith can't believe something is happening in the house and, for once, it's about her.
Since this was decided on short notice, the entire staff is working overtime to pull it off.
Thomas is still fuming over O'Brien hiding Lord Grantham's shirts the night of the dinner party and he decides to use Moseley in his plan to get her back. Thomas mentions to Moseley that Mrs. O'Brien will be leaving Downton so there should be an opening.
Of course, Moseley doesn't know that this is a flat out lie and asks Lady Grantham if he can recommend a replacement. Now the whole family thinks O'Brien has plans to leave and are disappointed that she would go about things this way.
Lord Grantham still isn't feeling the idea of Lady Edith marrying Sir Anthony. He feels that doing so would mean she is destined to spend her life caring for an old man instead of actually living. He tries to put on a good face in front of Sir Anthony but Sir Anthony isn't buying it.
Mr. Carson overhears a conversation between Mrs. Patmore and Mrs. Hughes and becomes curious about what's wrong. He tries getting info out of Dr. Clarkson but he won't budge. He does manage to trick Mrs. Patmore into spilling the beans and he, in turn, spills them to Lady Cora. It all works out in Mrs. Hughes' favor, in the end. Lady Cora tells her that if she is sick, she will stay at the house and they will take care of her the way they would any member of their family.
Cousin Isobel has a blast from the past show up at the Help a Hoe Foundation (Yeah, I made that name up but it does fit perfectly, doesn't it?) when Ethel Parks makes another appearance. For those of you that don't remember her, Ethel was a maid at Downton during the war. She had an affair with a Major that was staying there when the house was being used as a convalescence home. The affair resulted in a child that the Major denied before being killed in battle. Since then, Ethel has become a prostitute to support herself and her child and she feels she is beyond help. Of course, Isobel doesn't think this is the case and she asks Mrs. Hughes to assist.
Anna is still on her quest to free Bates. She manages to find a current address for Mrs. Bartlett and gives her money but Mrs. Bartlett gives her nothing in return.
Anna better hurry up and get the evidence before Bates gets shanked!
O'Brien is not happy when she gets wind that there is a rumor that she's leaving Downton. She sets the record straight with Lady Grantham and Moseley is on her hit list until she learns from him that it all started with Thomas. Thomas might want to watch his back. O'Brien is not one you want to cross.
Matthew finds out he is indeed the only living heir to the Swire fortune and he's still intent on not taking the money. Mary is highly pissed that his stupid pride is standing in the way of his duty to protect Downton.
When Mary opens a letter from Reggie to Matthew confirming that Reggie was aware of what went on between he and Lavinia, Matthew refuses to believe that Lavinia could have contacted her father before she died.
In a last ditch effort, Mary asks the staff if Lavinia asked any of them to post a letter before she passed away. Of all people, Daisy confirms that she had done so and Lady Mary couldn't be more grateful. Now Matthew has no excuse not to accept the money.
The wedding day has finally arrived and Lady Edith couldn't be a more beautiful bride. In fact, I think her dress was a lot prettier than Lady Mary's.
Lady Edith is finally about to have all her dreams come true when Anthony had to go and ruin it. He waits until Lady Edith gets all the way to the alter to say he can't go through with it because he feels that he would ruin her life.
The Dowager cosigns everything he says and Sir Anthony can't get out of that church quick enough.
Of course poor Edith is devastated. Lady Cora tries to give her some perspective by saying she's only being tested but Edith's heart is broken into a million pieces and she is not buying it at all.
It's safe to say that everyone feels horribly for Lady Edith and thinks that Sir Anthony is the scum of the earth for breaking her heart.

On the bright side, Matthew has agreed to accept the inheritance and Robert offers to make him a partner in Downton instead of allowing him to just give him the money. Mrs. Hughes also gets the results of her biopsy back and the cysts were benign.
Mr. Carson is so excited about the good news that he's smiling and singing to himself.

With so much drama so early on, I wonder if there are any happy endings around the corner for the Crowley's.

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